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In this interview Dr. Allison Justice, co owner of The Hemp Mine, explains the process you should use when picking the hemp cultivars that you will grow.  There are many factors, and she talks all about it in this video.

What is photoperiodism?  The length of the day determines when cannabis will flower.  This is crucial when choosing the cultivar that you want to grow.  With this valuable information, you can plan exactly when to plant your crop based on the length of day.  In this video Travis Higginbotham from The Hemp Mine explains the concept and reality of photoperiodism.

Offering Janet's G for the 2021 season, check out this video about this terrific CBG flower

We are offering Southern Belle for the 2021 season, this CBD flower does not let down

This is Southern Sunset, this cultivar is available for the 2021 season

Dr. Justice talks here about dual purpose hemp varieties, and how you could benefit from this technique of harvesting the top flowers for cannabinoid production, and the rest of the plant for fiber.

This is Southern Cat Daddy, It will be an offering from The Hemp Mine going into the 2021 season. Cat Daddy is one of our best selling cultivars for field smokable flower but also indoor premium smokable flower.  We do not recommend this cultivar for oil production

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